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Alphabet Pop

New game from Trailhead Games.

Our first beautiful, inviting and safe playground for children to learn the fundamentals of the alphabet, colors, numbers and shapes.

download link from google play

Key Features

Version 1.0

1 Free Mode and 4 Other Unlockable Modes.

  • Upper-case letters

  • Lower-case letters

  • Numbers

  • Colors

  • Shapes

Coin Collectable Meta-Game

Gold coins with various sea creatures can spawn at random during a game. When popped, they become part of your Coin Collection.


High Score

Tracks how fast children find all the objects per game mode. Will display “Best Time” when achieved.


Game Screens


About Trailhead Games

Trailhead Games was founded on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, with the goal of making accessible, fun and beautifully crafted games for all age groups.


Founded by Bartek Nowakowski, a game industry veteran of over two decades, Trailhead's first game is Nolla's Alphabet Pop. Nolla is my 4year old daughter, and she did the voice-over for all the symbols in the game. This game was for her.

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